As a manufacturer we have a responsibility to take sustainability seriously. As riders, we feel there is also an ethical and morale urgency to stand up and make a difference to the environment we ride in every day.

We are already working closely with our partners such as Saint Piran Pro Cycling and University of Exeter to put in place easy steps to reduce our carbon footprint. These include signing up to carbon recycling, a ride and revive programme for customers and a commitment to change what we make and how we make it. We have also signed up to the Shift Cycling Culture organisation to work with industry leaders on sustainable practice.

But we recognise we are still early on in our journey so make the following commitments to change over the next three years. We aim to:

  • Develop manufacturing as close as possible to our home in the West Country, reducing unnecessary impact from travel and importing
  • Eliminate all plastic from the packaging of our wheels and parts encouraging our suppliers to use sustainable resources e.g. bamboo pulp
  • Remove all unnecessary use of plastic in our production
  • Embed a circular economy into our production:
  • Further establish our wheel recycling programme
  • Increase our use of carbon recycling and take part in research programmes
  • Promote our ride and revive programme further
  • Move to more sustainable materials for performance
  • Audit our supply chain to ensure the best possible sustainability
  • Share our journey where it is not commercially sensitive for others to learn from
  • By 2025, we will stop making carbon rim brake rims because of waste and the natural limit to their lifetime of use.

We will not rest until we have taken every step possible to make our business as environmentally clean as possible and as social responsible in what we do and how we do it.