About Pacenti

Pacenti was created to be different. From day one, we wanted to take the science of wheel building and perfect both the product and the service that delivers it.

As very active cyclists ourselves, we have a set of beliefs that underpin our approach to life. We ensure those who get on a bike have the best time possible - from their first ride to their hundredth race. And for us, that starts with wheels, hubs and tyres - we think they are pretty important. But not everyone needs to know the science behind them.

As disciples of wheel technology, we can remove the complexities of wheel building. By keeping things simple, all cyclists can improve their cycling experience, regardless of knowledge. This is why you won’t catch us talking about carbon lay-ups, aerodynamics or rolling resistance unless asked. It’s simply not in our DNA. but that doesn’t stop us delivering our precision handbuilt wheels and a unique service.

We have years of experience as wheel builders and as cyclists so that is where we start - we want to build wheels we would want to ride. And as we all ride road, gravel, MTB and cross, we know what performs. With care and dedication, we have built wheels for everyone from commuters to world champions.

We believe the following:

  • A good set of wheels should transform a cyclist’s experience, regardless of level, surface or use. And that transformation is not reliant on the price point - it’s on the quality of the wheel build and set up.
  • There is no pre-eminent cycling discipline -road, mountain, BMX, leisure, cross, gravel, track - just go and have fun! We do.
  • While we are incredibly proud to build for professional riders, we are just as proud of those who use our wheels for enjoyment and the love of cycling.
  • The vast majority of cyclists do not need to know the gravitational pull of a carbon rim or how spoke tensions reduce on some wheels by over 20% when you put a tyre on. They just need it to go round nicely…and in many cases, fast.
  • The true value of handbuilt wheels is providing the best possible products with the best possible care. Not everyone can afford new wheels, but they still deserve the best ride possible. We can help.
  • Sustainability must be at the heart of everything we do. As manufacturers we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and promote others to do the same. We won’t always get it right, but we will try.

That is what Pacenti has come to stand for - cycling in a simpler world.