The unique P-Dent Carbon handlebar and stem system is one of the leading innovations in mountain bike steering and handling in the past five years. 

This page details how organisations can tender for the license to manufacture, sell and distribute the P-Dent system under their own brand.

With the unique design, riders enjoy an increasingly explosive ride, with more reactive steering and a tighter, more responsive ‘in the moment’ experience. It is an adventure hundreds of MTB riders have taken up over the past few years and has been reviewed many times. 

P-Dent is still the only carbon handlebar and stem system that offers this in the market and we are offering organisations the opportunity to own the exclusive license for P-Dent.

P-Dent’s ability to dramatically change the mountain biking ride has been recognised by a range of leading journalists and publications:

John Woodhouse - Off-Road.cc Article: https://off.road.cc/content/review/handlebars/pacenti-p-dent-carbon-bar-and-stem-review-2515

  • ‘Pacenti's P-Dent bar and stem is a unique and high effective way to sharpen up the steering response of a bike, thanks to a design that allows for a much shorter stem.’
  • ‘For such a relatively small change in stem length, it makes a surprisingly big difference.’

Guy Kesteven - BikeRadar - article: https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/components/handlebars-and-stems/handlebars/handlebars-mountain/pacenti-p-dent-handlebar-and-stem-review/

  • ‘The result is an ultra-light steering feel that makes it incredibly easy to deliver precise and immediate front wheel tweaks when traction is sketchy.’
  • ‘We’re absolutely loving its hyper-accurate yet totally assured handling though, so it won’t be coming off our test bike any time soon.’

Mick Kirkman - MBR - article: https://www.mbr.co.uk/reviews/products/pacenti-pdent

  • ‘P-Dent’s elegant design brings something truly unique to the whole steering geometry debate, and I rate it very highly.’

How does the technology work?

The P-Dent handlebar is specifically designed with a dent that allows riders to have a shorter stem (20mm) effective length, this could be reduced to 15mm, also provided by Pacenti. This is made possible by allowing the handlebar to overlap into the space taken up by the fork steerer delivering sharper steering and responsiveness.

Because the interface between the P-Dent stem and the handlebar isn’t highly stressed, riders can reduce the stem length while experiencing a reassured ride. This is particularly the case when riding parts of a track with extreme forces like berms and heavilt banked, high load corners where short stems normally create difficulties for riders. The P-Dent system gives riders that extra level of reassurance in these situations.

The technical detail in the patent document can be seen here.

P-Dent can open up a world of possibilities in geometry of bikes in the trail enduro category. 

Why are you offering the license?

Pacenti Cycle Design owns the patent and license to the P-Dent system, having designed, developed and produced it over the past few years. We are immensely proud of inventing and introducing a system that has transformed mountain biking for so many.

As active cyclists ourselves we have also spent significant time focusing on designing and producing handbuilt wheels for all types of riders. This will be our focus going forward so we are looking to step back and allow a licensee to take the P-Dent system and ensure it reaches those who will enjoy it the most; riders.

This allows us to focus on what we do best, delivering the best wheels and service possible.

How do I tender for the license of P-Dent?

Very simply. Please email us at admin@pacenticycledesign.co.uk with an introductory paragraph detailing the following:

  • Your organisation
  • Your experience in the field of cycle production and distribution
  • Contact details for further information and to send the tender pack

Once we have received your request, we will assess your email and then reply with the tender application pack and further details.