Customer Service

Delivering an unmatched customer service

While we have the technology of wheel making covered, it is the customer service that keeps our riders coming back for wheels and parts.

  • We strive to deliver the best possible and most personal service to our customers as a dedicated wheel builder that reflects the exciting and sometimes challenging nature of riding bikes - on mud, rocks or the road.
  • We spend the time required by our customers to understand what they want from their wheels, how they want to ride and where they are riding. We then set the wheels up to make sure they get what they want from them. If they need tweaks, we are here with a five year support warranty.
  • We are also there for those challenging moments - and a half price cash replacement. If you have trusted in us to make your wheels, then we owe it to you to help them continue despite those unexpected crashes. We recognise that for many, an investment in a hand-built wheel is sizable and that shouldn’t stop if that rider faces misfortune. We are here to help.
  • With investment in wheels there is also a need to know that we have your back covered if things do go wrong. We offer a lifetime warranty on our own mould rims so riders know they always have their rims for the length of their riding.