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24h mtb, exposure 24/12 -

10 seconds to go... All noise around me is blocked out as I am focusing on that count. When he hits one I am up on the saddle left foot clips in like it knows what to do without me even sending a message from my brain. 

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Tuscany Trail 2019

It was my biggest challenge yet and I learned a lot. I have learnt about how to approach this kind of event and other similar style events in future. I learnt a lot about me, and what I am capable of. I enjoy being in my own head while hurting myself physically. This type of ride gives me an enormous appreciation for my life, my family, my friends and my health. I now realise that this is just the beginning. The Tour Divide is calling me. If I can do 340 miles I can do 2731.8 miles. It’s just about planning and scaling up. I have already begun building a more suitable bike for next year as I aim to get my sub 40-hour finish in 2020.

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From Beer boys to Iron men

It began the year before over a few beers as a bit of a joke. ‘How fast do you think the 3 of us could do the relay at Ironman DaNang I said…

As the fastest time trialist among us, Gary already had the bike leg sewn up. Mark was a county swimmer in his youth, so that left me with the short straw. The only running I had done in recent years was on my work travels whenever it seemed easier than taking a bike.

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