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Challenge Paris Roubaix Pro TLR Tubeless handmade 700x27
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The Key Stats

Sizes 700 x 25mm, 28mm or 30mm

Handmade tyres from Challenge, These tyres come fitted either tubed or tubeless. Have you been put off tubeless tyres? are your not sure how to get them set up? Let us do that for you, by adding these to your basket with our wheels we will provide the following.

  • Tyres professionally installed and set up tubeless or with tubes

  • Free Rim tape fitted

  • Free Valves fitted

  • Free sealant installed


Perfect for all riding conditions, this tyre gives you fast-rolling resistance and excellent handling when cornering.

Challenge Handmade Clinchers (HCL): These Handmade Clinchers are made from the same materials and processes as our handmade tubulars but instead of sewing an inner tube inside the casing is wrapped around an aramid bead to form a tire that fits on a clincher rim. The HCL is moulded flat, not in a horseshoe like a TLR or VCL. This shape allows the casing to naturally deform over surface imperfections and minimize rolling resistance. A tubeless tire is moulded in a U-shape to make the sidewalls rigid, so the system does not “burp” or lose air when it deforms after it encounters a surface imperfection. The tubeless tire’s stiff sidewall compromises its ability to equal a supple HCL with a latex inner tube.